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Zoé Cox

Zoé Cox






  • Baking
  • I love music, terrible movies, tea, rain, and the Oxford comma
  • Modding & Video Games


Institut Paul Lambin, Brussels

2013 - 2016

Software development — BAC+3, with great honor.

Past Experience

Technical Lead, Sequelize ORM

2021 - now

I joined the development team of the open source ORM Sequelize in December 2021. I've since made many improvements to all aspects of the ORM.

back-endSQLOpen Source

Lead Developer,

2019 - 2022

Development of a web & mobile (TWA) application.


Freelance Developer

2020 - 2022

Implementation & maintenance of CMS, such as and


Developer, The MAD Company

2016 - 2020

Agency work including React/Node/GraphQL/REST applications. Technical lead and setup of internal IT-related processes.

full-stackproject managementreactnodegraphql

Developer, Pictawall

Feb. 2016 - June. 2016

Worked on the main Symfony2 platform.
Development & optimisation of a front-end widget.


Skill Set


  • Git (+GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Azure)
  • CircleCI, GH Actions, Azure DevOps
  • Bash, Zsh
  • JavaScript (11 years), TypeScript
  • Jira, Confluence
  • macOS, Ubuntu


  • React (8 years), Next.js
  • Webpack (8 years), Gulp
  • Well versed in CSS (10 years)
  • SCSS, PostCSS
  • HTML
  • Push Notifications
  • PWA, Trusted-Web-Activities, Cordova
  • Accessibility
  • Eye for detail
  • Cares about load times
  • UX & UI (notions)


  • Node, PHP, Java
  • NestJS
  • Most RDBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, etc…
  • Redis
  • GraphQL, REST
  • Error management, response time optimisation
  • Heroku, AWS (S3, SES), Firebase


Links to source code & live demos are available on

Stacked React Router

A yet-to-be-released experimental library that builds an efficient Stack Router on top of React Router. This library supports directional page transitions, provides a working Back Button, and includes a multitude of tools to manipulate the browser history and simulate a native mobile app experience.

While not yet available, it is used extensively in

Sequelize Cursor Pagination

An implementation of a stateless cursor-based pagination using Sequelize.


This library gave the ability to use complex formatting in intl messages using XML tags.

Support for XML tags has since been added natively to react-intl.


A very lightweight markdown-to-jsx implementation limited to basic markdown formatting. Designed to be used by end-users in use-cases such as a chat application.


Another lightweight library that parses XML or HTML and maps tags to react component. This was designed as a way to safely render and dynamize HTML coming from a CMS.

Gender Unicorn

A web integration experiment with the goal of converting an illustration designed for paper into an interactive mobile-friendly web page.

Made for the TSER.

This Resume

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